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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Are Your Floats More Expensive Than Others I See?

To put it simply... We don't sell a cheap product! We're a premium pool float and are a higher quality than the cheap ones you find in retailers and throughout the internet. For details on these differences, see The Sunfloats Difference page.


Where Can I Use Your Floats?

We've seen them (and we use them) just about anywhere around water. They're thick enough to just lounge on them on the sand at the beach, or use as a couch on the grass (just check there's nothing too pointy). We like taking them camping as a piece of comfort.


Are They Easy To Take On A Vacation Down South?

They totally are! All our floats actually fit in a carry-on bag when properly deflated & folded. The largest one is smaller than 11"x16"x4" when we ship them and the heaviest is under 6lbs. But we love taking these to resorts, having everyone come up to us and ask where we got them (we personally love floating at the pool bars)


What Is Your Shipping Policy?

We offer free shipping within Canada, and $10 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the US - If you buy 2 or more floats, it'll give you free shipping though. International shipping to the rest of the world is a calculated cost which you'll see at checkout.

We ship most of our products through Canada Post/USPS, and you'll be sent updates automatically with exactly where your float is.

Since you read this, here's a free shipping discount code, just use it in your checkout: Free-Shipping-Plz


If I Have Questions About Anything How Quickly Do You Respond?

We live for Sunfloats, so we will normally answer in a few minutes, but give us a few hours.  The best way to contact us is usually via Facebook (through the message us button on our website) or through filling out our contact form here.


I Want A Free Float, Can I Have One?

If you have an awesome project idea, we would love to talk to you about it. We've seen them used in TV shows, music videos, photo shoots, adult films and everything in-between. So shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do.


What's The Best Way To Inflate Your Floats?

It depends, we like plug in pumps because they don't make you tired. But there isn't always a plug handy so a 2-way pump will normally take only a few minutes. And you won't lose any air as you inflate them as they have a 2-way sealed valve. So take your time and finish that drink. You can also pump them up with a hair dryer but it has to be on cold air if the air gets hot, you'll melt the float, so be careful, we won't cover any damage blowing them up this way. Just hold it up to the valve and watch your Sunfloat grow, but it'll take a while this way.


Hey, I Read All These, Can I Have A Discount?

Sure thing! Want 10% Off? Use: Take10off at checkout... You reading wizard!